Beacon Light in pictures

The following pictures were taken by Henderson City Council member Bobby Gupton on a follow-up visit to Beacon Light Apartments on Friday.

According to an email from Gupton, there were nine apartments with residents at the time of his visit.

Gupton stated that he asked for and received permission from each resident before taking the pictures.

The council member expressed to Home in Henderson that he wished he could have taken more pictures, but most of the apartments were boarded up.

Home in Henderson is grateful to Mr. Gupton for the use of the pictures.

Beacon Light 10
Water damaged ceiling/fixture without cover

Beacon Light 5
Stopped-up kitchen sink

Beacon Light 13
Black mold in bathroom

Beacon Light 19
Stained bathtub from sewage back-ups/missing tiles

Beacon Light 18
Chipped, stained porcelain kitchen sink