To the editor: Become a child advocate

I’ve been living in this area for almost ten years now.

According to the friends I’ve made who are native to the community, it’s a small town becoming a city. I have read some of the posts in here and typical of any community, people complain at least as much as they boast.

As with any community, there are problems such as drug abuse, racism, theft, crowded classrooms, employment troubles. One person cannot solve these problems alone.

There are also many resources such as a large group of caring teachers, involved parents, a beautiful new library, a nice lake, a pretty new court house, hundreds of active churches, and the businesses in Henderson are growing. Each citizen has the ability to be an active part in improving the community.

It is my firm belief that the number one most important asset to this community is the youth population. Children are our future! Unfortunately, there are currently a growing number of children in Vance County who have been removed from their homes due to abuse and neglect. Some of these cases will be adjudicated and some of them will be proven unsubstantiated.

Children need a strong voice to stand up for them in court and help the judge decide what is in their best interest. Sometimes a child needs to find services to help them deal with trauma. Sometimes they need extra services to help them function to their fullest potential in school. Sometimes they have unmet medical needs. And sometimes they need to be returned home to their parents.

But who will stand up for them in court? Any responsible adult with compassion can train to become a child advocate for the Guardian ad Litem Program. Most of our current advocates hold full-time jobs, so it can fit into your schedule if you wish it to.

For more information, visit or contact the Henderson office at 252-738-9024. Or you can email Autumn Stearne at (Comments and questions are also welcome here.)