Email from Anthony Butler

Editor’s Note: The following email was received from Anthony Butler yesterday. Although we do not believe that we have violated any campaign or election laws, readers may judge for themselves whether or not Home in Henderson is in violation of the general statute that Butler cites.

As readers are aware, Home in Henderson has a policy of removing posts that are illegal, libelous, or not in keeping with the general character of the site.

Dear Editor

Congratulation on your move from novelty communtity blog to full blown internet commercial publication.

I have attached a copy of NC General Statue 163-274 for your review.

(Please pay special attention to 163-274-7 and 8 ) I ask that your publication please comply with the minimum standard set by NC Election law. If you have any questions for me pertaining to this specific issue, please contact me by email or call me at [telephone number edited]. At the current time your publication is in violation of NC Elections Law. Your publication does not publish the names of the persons giving publicity to or being responsible for charges to political candidates.

Good Luck in your endeavor
Anthony Butler