Abandoned furniture ordinance to be passed

The Henderson City Council will consider the following items at tonight’s 7:00 p.m. meeting at City Hall:

* Mark Warren is expected to be named Acting City Manager while City Manager Jerry Moss recovers from open heart surgery. His recovery time is estimated at six weeks.

* An ordinance regarding the removal of abandoned furniture and other debris is expected to be passed by the council. The ordinance establishes procedures for the proper removal of furniture and waste from rental units which no longer receive water and sanitation service from the city. It establishes fines for landlords who put trash in the street in violation of the ordinance.

* The council is expected to pass an ordinance establishing new handicapped parking spaces near the First Baptist Church. These will be “Sunday only” handicapped spaces.

* There will be a budget amendment to the General Fund and the Water Fund. This is the sixth budget amendment of the fiscal year.

* There will be two guest presentations. The first will be by Jim and Barbara Fletcher regarding “rusty” water. The second will be by Samuel Smith regarding water bills and sanitation charges.

* Human Resources Committee chair Mary Emma Evans will request a closed session, presumably on a personnel matter.

* The Journal Committee will review council meeting dates for November and December.

The complete council agenda may be reviewed here.