Report on city work on private property expected

Tonight’s Henderson City Council meeting will include the following topics:

* A public hearing on the renewal or extension of the cablevision franchise to Time Warner Entertainment will be continued from July 24 of this year.

* There will be guest presentations from representatives of the Boys and Girls Clubs of North Central North Carolina, the Weed & Seed Steering Committee, Fannie Tharrington concerning sewer charges, and Candice Cash, resident of Coble Boulevard.

* The Fund Balance Policy may be voted on tonight. The policy, which would be binding on future councils, would require the city to keep a mimimun unrestricted cash reserve.

* There will be an update on Beacon Light.

* The street resurfacing project, currently underway, will be discussed. The Public Works Committee will also discuss the “new customer packets”, street light outages, and the controversial work done by the city on private property regarding the removal of a railroad tie from a drain.

* A drought plan adoption will be discussed and/or implemented.

* Bobby Gupton, chair of the Land Planning and Development Committee, will discuss the disposition of the Armory and the old library.

* Henderson Mayor Clem Seifert will discuss a policy for memorials.

* The City Manager will request a closed session for a property/litigation matter. He will also update the council on the City Operation Center Roof replacement project.

The complete agenda may be viewed here.