To the editor: An alternative to a curfew

Editor’s Note: This letter was edited somewhat by request of the author.

Dear Editor,

I have an idea I would like to submit.

I see it as possible solution. I would rather see this than constant bickering on yea/nay for a curfew. We might still need a curfew, but I know Henderson, and I don’t feel confident that one will happen.

Uh Hmmm….. I’m gonna do some stepping out of the box on something and I know the kind readers and posters on HiH will give me feedback.

It would appear there is a situation on Coble Boulevard that is not favorable. My thought runs along this line.

Years ago I visited a place that was run by adults. It had bouncers, but did not serve any alcoholic beverages at all. It was designed for the 13-19 years olds (teenagers only) . A form of ID was required. There was a small entry fee. Certain nights, if you showed school ID, you could get free entry.

We have many businesses in the Coble Boulevard area that already cater to young people. May I suggest a combining of resources or ideas to make a business as described above (let’s call it “The Pavilion”) near this site where young people can go, a business open well after the hours of the other businesses?

The Pavilion of which I’m thinking would have things like a video arcade, karaoke, juke box, and local young musicians for entertainment, as well as a dance floor. This could help promote young entertainment hopefuls. Who knows, the next Clay Aiken or Fantasia might be grown right here in Vance County.

We are a growing people. It’s time to try to make things work to our advantage. This could serve as a springboard to more growth and help young people stay off “the streets”.