Von Williams requests zoning change

Deryl von Williams
Deryl von Williams at Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Henderson Board of Adjustments met Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. in the City Council chambers to hear Deryl von Williams support her request for approval of the Vance County Learning Center to operate in downtown Henderson at 115 S. Garnett Street.

After presenting the Board with documents pertaining to her request, including Health and Fire inspections, von Williams outlined progress being made with the eleven students currently enrolled. She stated that the classes are presently held at the H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library pending the city’s approval of the Garnett Street location for classes.

The Garnett Street facility is ready to be used, von Williams explained. She is expecting a State inspector to look at the facilities this coming Thursday. She said that the center is operated entirely by volunteers and private donations at this time, with three certified, retired teachers helping with planning and some specific classes.

Several parents of students attending the Vance County Learning Center were present to support the school. They spoke with conviction about the improvements made by their children and grandchildren.

Speaking in opposition to the center being located downtown, a business person voiced concern about traffic and parking. No other opposition was voiced.

After questioning von Williams on a number of matters, the Board voted to continue the hearing at the next meeting pending the State inspection and consultation with other city officials.