Trucker cited on city ordinance

Dwight Cousin at City Council
Dwight Cousin addresses the Henderson City Council

Resident Dwight Cousin appeared before the Henderson City Council on Monday evening to speak about a citation he received for parking his commerical truck in his yard.

He told the Council he wanted to know what could be done about it. He said that he is not permitted to work on his truck in his yard, and that he cannot afford to pay someone else to do the work for him.

City Attorney John Zollicoffer informed him that the citation is in the hands of the courts.

Henderson Mayor Clem Seifert said that the Council should be able to show Cousin an ordinance, which it did after a short recess. The ordinance, 7.24.1, refers to parking a truck illegally on residential city streets or properties except when making pick-ups or deliveries.

The ordinance was adoped in May, according to City Clerk Dianne White.

According to Acting Police Cheif Tony Clark, Cousin was given a copy of the ordinance after he received the citation.

It was decided by the council to re-examine the ordinance in the next meeting of the Public Safety Committee which originated that section of city code.