Thursday’s open line

We just got back from yet another trip to the emergency room, this time for one of the Little Editors. She’s fine, thank you for asking, but we are suffering from a whole lot of sleep deprivation.

It is hard for us to weigh in on the police salary debate with objectivity, but we can draw parallels between teaching, law enforcement, and other civil service careers. While college graduates in the private sector have the potential to double their salary in the first five years, teachers double their salary in the first thirty years.

No one forced us to become teachers, you say? If we’re unhappy, leave the profession? We do, in droves. Who do you want teaching your kids, anyway? Iron-willed masochists or satisfied, competent professionals? We would ask the same questions about the people who protect your lives, your property, who put out your fires, etc.

Let the games begin on today’s open line.