New HPD chief introduced at council meeting

City Manager Jerry Moss will introduce Keith Sidwell, the new Henderson Police Chief who is scheduled to begin his duties on January 10, 2007.

Before that introduction, the Council will hold four public hearings. The first will be on a request to rezone 13.44 acres off of Wortham Court from B2A to O1A. The second will concern a request to rezone a half-acre tract at 1713 N. Garnett Street from I-2 to B-4. The third hearing regards Gateway CDC’s application for CDBG funds in connection with Phase II of the A.L. Harris Subdivision. The fourth hearing concerns the long-delayed extension of the cablevision franchise with Time Warner.

Also on the agenda:

  • The FAIR Committee will present information on the contract with Variety Wholesalers and the Embassy Foundation on their use of a parking lot near the H. Leslie Perry Memorial Library. The Committee, chaired by Lynn Harper, will also present the City’s legislative priorities for submission to legislators.
  • The Community Development Committee, chaired by Garry Daeke, will give a status report on the David Streed CDBG Project.
  • The Public Safety Committee will present an update on the revisions to the Graffiti Ordinance, and it will also discuss animal control information scheduled to be included with December’s utility bills. That Committee is chaired by Lonnie Davis.
  • The Public Utility Committee will discuss water allotments from the Kerr Lake Regional Water System as well as the Nethery Street sewer. Bernard Alston chairs this Committee, and also recently took over the Human Resources Committee from Mary Emma Evans, who currently does not chair a committee.
  • The Land Planning and Development Committee, led by Bobby Gupton, will provide updates on the dispostion of the Armory and city-owned property, including the jointly owned former Rose Avenue library, if any information is available. It will also discuss city properties suitable for land conservancy, and discuss uses and entertain suggestions for the dispostion of the former Police Station on Young Street.
  • The complete agenda may be viewed here.