City to hire full-time attorney

This just in from the City of Henderson’s Office of Governing Body:

In June 2006, the City Council voted and budgeted to hire a full time staff attorney for Henderson. The Council voted unanimously to offer this position to Mr. John Zollicoffer who has for many years served in the position of City Attorney on a part time basis.

Mr. Alston, the Chairman of the Human Resources Committee, reported to the Council on March 26, 2007, that while Mr. Zollicoffer was, “flattered to be offered the position, he was not in the situation to be able to do it on the timeline needed by the city.” He further stated that even if the position was held open until October, 2007, he still would not be able to tell us that he could commit to filling the position.

The city greatly appreciates Mr. Zollicoffer’s long and valuable service to the city and his expertise in municipal affairs. Mr. Zollicoffer has agreed with the city to be available to assist the city as a paid consultant as needed (as he holds extensive knowledge about municipal affairs and tremendous institutional memory of matters related to the government of Henderson.) It is also the intention of the city to seek Mr. Zollicoffer’s advice and input as we interview for the position of staff attorney.