FAIR Committee to go to Raleigh

The City of Henderson’s FAIR (Finance and Intergovernmental Relations) Committee will travel to Raleigh tomorrow.

The Committee plans to meet at the Legislative Building at 1:00 p.m.

According to an email from Committee Chair Lynn Harper, the council members’ first task will be thanking Henderson’s state delegation for their support of Henderson.

The Committee also plans to follow up on the letter sent by City Manager Jerry Moss to Senator Doug Berger and Representatives Jim Crawford and Michael Wray as directed by the Henderson City Council regarding SB 1507 Housing Conditions/Inspections and HB 1011 Housing Conditions/Inspections. Ideally, the Council would like to retain the ability to conduct minimum housing inspections at will.

The FAIR Committee also plans to follow up on the Council’s three top legislative priorities. At publication time, Home in Henderson was not aware of exactly what those priorities are. However, infrastructure needs have figured prominently in many Council and Council committee discussions.