From the HPD: Preventing thefts from vehicles

Due to a dramatic increase in vehicle break-ins reported to the Henderson Police Department, we would like to pass this prevention information to local businesses and the citizens of Henderson.

The Henderson Police Department needs the assistance of the local business and community to help prevent vehicle break-ins. Statistical analysis of the car break-ins shows that every area of the city is experiencing a problem with vehicle break-ins, including the parking lots of local businesses and at Residences of Henderson. Many of these reported break-ins involve unlocked cars.


Although individual offenders are often responsible for several break-ins, there are clearly several thieves acting upon opportunities to commit these crimes throughout the city. Common sense is the best defense. Theft is a crime of opportunity. Leaving valuables in unlocked cars or leaving property and goods visible in any car can be an invitation to theft. If we give thieves the opportunity they will surely take it! The best way to thwart these thefts is to make the crime more difficult for these would-be thieves. Please make sure you and your customers follow these safety tips:

– Always lock the doors and roll up the windows tightly even when running a quick errand. Do not hide extra keys on the outside of your vehicle.
– Keep your purse, cellular phone and other valuables out of sight. Lock them in the trunk, glove compartment, or take them with you.
– Do not leave personal identification or credit cards in your vehicle.
– Mark expensive accessories (stereos speakers) with you driver license number. Record the make, model & serial number of your valued property at time of purchase and preserve this information in the event you need to report its theft.
– Mark music CD’s and tapes with a permanent marker.
– Park in a well-lit area with pedestrian traffic. If possible, avoid parking next to vans, pick-ups, and other large vehicles. These large vehicles can provide concealment for a thief, making it more difficult for passersby to observe the thief’s activity.

Additional action you and your employees can take:

– Remind customers of the above tips.
– Advise employees to keep a check on the parking areas if possible. Call the police at once if you notice suspicious strangers loitering in or near your place of business or parking lots.
– Make sure the parking area and exterior of your building has adequate lighting. Replace burned out lights immediately.
– The sound of breaking glass or a car alarm may mean a car break-in is occurring. Be sure to look in the direction of the sound and observe as much as you can before reporting. Don’t approach. Call 911 as soon as possible. Give a description of the suspect and their vehicle, including license plate number.

Following these guidelines won’t eliminate thefts from motor vehicles entirely, but it will go a long way in helping to discourage thieves. Prevention is a community responsibility and the police need your help.

2007 Stats for Vehicle Break-ins

JAN. = 26
FEB. = 31
MAR. = 27
APR. = 22
MAY = 14
JUNE 1 – JUNE 26 @ 6:37AM = 33

Chief Keith L. Sidwell
Henderson Police Department