NC Outstanding Teen addresses City Council

Brianna Hester, NC Outstanding Teen
Brianna Hester, recently crowned NC Outstanding Teen

North Carolina Outstanding Teen Brianna Hester addressed the Henderson City Council on Monday night regarding her being crowned with that title.

Hester explained that the contest is a teenage version of Miss North Carolina. This is her third year competing in the pageant which is opened to thirteen year-olds to high school seniors.

The tiara-adorned sixteen year-old said that the contest was “week-long, fun, and interesting”.

Hester is the second youth from Henderson to win the title. The first was Leigh Beaman.

The contest winner will go to the Miss America Outstanding Teen competition in August.

Hester’s career began with competing for Little Miss Henderson.

Each contestant must have a “platform”, according to Hester. Her platform is volunteerism.

“I want to continue it for a long, long time,” she said.

Brianna Hester, NC Outstanding Teen
Hester poses with members of the Henderson City Council

Hester recently received a Presidential award for 600 hours of volunteer work.

The state champion has started an organization called “Dream Angels” that helps seriously ill children. Her goal is to visit every high school in North Carolina and help one Dream Angel.

The goal is ambitious; there are over 400 high schools in North Carolina.

Henderson Mayor Clem Seifert commented to Hester after the presentation that “We have a lot of positive things going on in our community and you are one of them.”