Rep. Green & son honored with resolutions in House

Editor’s Note: Without the help of Attorney Green, the Boys and Girls Club of North Central North Carolina might never have gotten where we are today. We are grateful to the House for giving these men the recognition that they truly deserve.

Green Resolutions
(Photo pictured left to right) Representative Michael H. Wray, Mr. Isaac Hughes Green, Sr. – son of Dr. Green and brother of Attorney Green, Miss Francesca Boone – granddaughter of Dr. Green and niece of Attorney Green, Ms. Marjorie Donaldson – niece of Dr. Green and cousin of Attorney Green, Mrs. Carolyn Smith Green – wife of Dr. Green and mother of Attorney Green, Mr. Franklin Boone, III – grandson of Dr. Green and nephew of Attorney Green, Senator Doug Berger, Mr. Charles Marrow – Family Friend, Ms. Carolyn Green Boone, J.D. – daughter of Dr. Green and sister of Attorney Green

Raleigh — The North Carolina House of Representatives unanimously approved resolutions Tuesday honoring former state Representative Dr. James Preston Green, Sr. and his late son, James Preston “Jimmy” Green, Jr.

The resolution for Dr. James Preston Green may be viewed here. The resolution for Attorney Jimmy Green may be viewed here.

Dr. Green died in May 2006 and his son passed away a few months later in September 2006. Both were devoted civil servants in their native Vance County who improved the lives of people throughout the state.

Dr. Green was the first African-American elected to the Henderson City Council and was active in the Democratic Party. He was appointed to the House of Representatives by Gov. Jim Hunt in 1989 and was then elected to two terms. He also served as president of the Old North State Medical Society.

Jimmy Green, Jr. was an attorney who also earned a master’s degree in public affairs from North Carolina State University. He served as executive director of the North Carolina Coalition of Rural Farm Families early in his career and continued throughout his career to provide legal help to small farmers, often working for free. Attorney Green also founded The James E. Shepard Center for Truth and Justice to preserve the legacy of his great-grandfather, who founded North Carolina Central University.

Rep. Michael Wray sponsored the resolutions honoring both men. “Dr. Green and Attorney Green improved the lives of everyone in their communities and our state, “Rep. Wray said. “They deserve the General Assembly’s recognition, and I am proud I knew them and was able to represent them and their families.”