County Planning Dept. could be revamped

Committee will also look at part-time firefighter pay

During a meeting of the Vance County Board of Commissioner’s Human Resources Committee, Board Chair Deborah Brown discussed “revamping” the County’s Planning Department.

Brown’s remarks were made after County Human Resource Manager Argretta Reid discussed County position vacancies, one of which is that of Planning Services Manager.

The position is currently occupied by Ken Krulik, whose resignation was made public in the Sunday edition of The Daily Dispatch.

Brown indicated that she wished to talk about the position in executive session.

County Manager Jerry Ayscue stated that the position was “not critical”, as Krulik will remain in the position until the end of the month.

Although an executive session may be called to discuss a personnel matter when a specific individual is involved, a discussion regarding the fate of a employment position is customarily held in open session.

The committee approved Reid’s recommendation that two detention officers and one Social Worker I position be presented to the full board for approval.

Following that discussion, committee member Dan Brummitt discussed the County’s recent salary readjustment. He told the committee that none of the studies had done anything regarding the salaries of part-time help.

Specifically, Brummitt indicated that part-time firefighter salaries are not the same as that of surrounding counties.

Ayscue replied that it had come the staff’s attention, and that in consultation with Fire Chief Danny Wilkerson in “January or February” that it was agreed that the issue would be revisited in the next fiscal year.

Brummitt told the committee that a local person had been lost to Franklin County over a difference of $4.00 per hour.

Committee member Danny Wright said he would like to see a cost analysis.

Brummitt observed that in the County’s process of hiring to full level, a lot of part-time firefighters are being hired. He said it would be “beneficial” for [the County] to look at.

Reid was directed by the committee to gather data on the issue.

The meeting then went into closed session on a personnel matter.