Min. housing and CO ordinance public hearing tonight

The Henderson City Council will meet tonight at 7:00 p.m. in City Hall.

Here is tonight’s Henderson City Council meeting agenda:

The Chair inquires as to whether any member knows of any conflict of interest or appearance of conflict with respect to matters before the Council. If any member knows of a conflict of interest or appearance of conflict, please so state at this time. The City Council’s objective is to address public concern for good and open government.

1. Call to Order — Mayor Seifert

2. Roll Call — City Clerk

3. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance — Council Member Evans

4. Opening Remarks — Mayor Seifert

a. Recent passing of long time former employee, James William ‘Bo’ Bowen

b. Thank you letter from residents (See Attached)

5. Adjustments to and/or approval of the August 13th, 2007 meeting agenda — Mayor, City Council, Manager and or City Clerk

6. Consent Agenda “A” (requiring a simple voice vote)

a. Minutes from Council Meeting held 7/23/07 (See Attached) — City Clerk Dianne White

b. Award of Maintenance Contract for Overhead Water Storage Tanks (See Attached) — Public Utilities Committee Chairman Alston and/or City Engineer Frank Frazier

c. Approval of Municipal Maintenance Agreement between COH and DOT (See Attached) — Public Utilities Committee Chairman Alston and/or City Engineer Frank Frazier

7. Consent Agenda “B” (requiring a roll call vote)

8. Guest Presentation(s) and Public Comment Period

a. By Doc Bailey and/or Rev. John Stewart concerning local access TV channel

b. By Jimmy Brummitt and David Thomas with the Airport Authority (See Attached)

c. By Diane Barberio, Chairman-Clean Up! Henderson Committee RE: Clean Up! Henderson Week

9. Public Hearings (to schedule or hold)

a. Request to set a Public Hearing for the Council’s 8/27/07 Regular Meeting on An Ordinance Permitting Motor Vehicles to Remain within Enclosed Buildings in Auto Repair Facilities (See Attached) — Land Planning & Development Chairman Gupton and/or Planning Director Erris Dunston

b. Public Hearing (set at the Council’s 7/23/07 Regular Meeting) on:

– An Ordinance Amending Portions of the Minimum Housing Code

– An Ordinance Requiring a Permit to Rent Dwelling Units in the City of Henderson

(See Attached Ordinances) — Mayor Seifert, Community Development Committee Chairman Daeke, Planning Director Erris Dunston and/or City Attorney John Zollicoffer

10. City Council committee REPORTS

a. Finance and Intergovernmental Relations Committee (FAIR) — Chairman Harper
– Recreation Department Study on Safety (See Attached)
– Approval of Chaperone Policy (See Attached)
– Joint Meeting (set for 8/14 at 4 PM, HPD Conf Room)

b. Community Development Committee — Chairman Daeke
– David St CDBG Project Closing & Budget Info
– Bid Award for water, sewer and street improvements – Carey Chapel Crossing
– A. L. Harris Estates Update Report

c. Public Safety Committee — Chairman Davis
– Community Policing Plans … Police Chief Sidwell

d. Public Works Committee — Chairman Wilkerson
– Action Items Reporting Procedures (To be Distributed)
– Chavasse Avenue Widening
– Proposed Resurfacing List for Streets and Sidewalks (See Attached)
– Speed Hump (Owen Street)

e. Public Utilities Committee — Chairman Alston
– Hiring of Public Utilities Engineer
– SOC State Public Hearing
– IBT Update

f. Human Resources Committee — Chairman Alston
– Announcement – City Attorney
– Distribution of Employee Handbook
– Career Development Plan – GED portion (See Attached)

g. Journal Committee – Chairman Yount
– Approval of Closed Session Minutes

h. Land Planning and Development Committee — Chairman Gupton
– Update-Grant(s) for former Police Station
– Land Use Plan Committee

i. Mayor

j. Council Concerns
– Request for Environmental Court

k. City Manager
– Utility Rate Study
– Weed & Seed Budget
– Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting (See
– Grant Award — Thermal Imaging Camera to Fire Dept (See Attached)


a. Mayor’s Task Force on Housing
b. Clean Up Henderson! Committee
c. Homelessness Committee
d. 911 Advisory Committee
e. Kerr-Tar Council of Governments
f. Economic Development Partnership
g. Advisory Committee – Southeastern High Speed Rail
h. Henderson-Vance Industrial Park Board
i. Weed & Seed Steering Committee

12. Other Council Business, scheduling of Committee Meetings, etc. – as may be needed

a. Appointment to TAC/RPO to serve a 2-year term (2007-2009) (See Attached) — Mayor and/or Manager

13. Possible “Add On Items”

14. Calendar Notes, INFO ITEM(S), ETC.

a. Monday, August 13th — Public Works Committee Meeting, 8:30 AM, City Hall Conference Room

b. Monday, August 13th — Community Development Committee Meeting, 9:30 AM, City Hall Conference Room

c. Tuesday, August 14th — Appearance Commission Meeting, 3:30 PM, City Hall Conference Room

d. Tuesday, August 14th — Joint Meeting to include County’s Intergovernmental Committee and City’s FAIR Committee, 4:00 PM, HPD Conference Room

e. Thursday, August 16th — JCPC Meeting, 8:30 AM, Aycock Rec Complex

f. Thursday, August 16th — Human Relations Commission Meeting, 7:00 PM, City Council Chambers

g. Wednesday, August 22nd — Clean Up Henderson! Committee Meeting, 8:00 AM, City Operations Center

h. Thursday, August 23rd — Journal Committee Meeting, 8:30 AM, City Hall Conference Room

i. Monday, August 27th — next scheduled City Council Meeting, 7:00 PM, City Hall Council Chambers

j. ADVANCE NOTICE … Thursday, September 27th — Kerr-Tar COG Annual Awards Banquet, 6:30 PM, Henderson Convention Center (See Attached)

k. ADVANCE NOTICE … 2007 NCLM Annual Conference (Crown Expo Center, Fayetteville, NC) October 13-16 (See Attached) … Advance Registration due 9/13

l. INFO ITEM … HWRF Performance Annual Report (7/1/06-6/30/07) (See Attached)

15. Closed Session Request: If a closed session is requested, the NCGS will be cited.

16. Adjournment