To the editor: Questions on Satterwhite client list

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After many weeks of questions from the Henderson City Council’s Community Development Committee, and many attempts to get a handle on the concerns of Henderson attorney Michael Satterwhite’s clients, a list was finally presented on Aug 1, 2007.

With less than two weeks before the final vote, it answered some questions. However, a brief and partial analysis of the client list using the online State of NC Secretary of State website and the Vance County Tax Office website created more questions than it answered for many Home in Henderson readers.

  • Why are some clients listed as individuals when they may or may not own any rental properties in Henderson as single entities?
  • Why are some corporations listed by names not listed by the Secretary of State?
  • Why are some corporations listed, yet own very few properties?
  • Why are some people clients without owning any rental properties?
  • Take a look at this partial listing and see what questions you want to add to the list.

    A partial listing of Satterwhite clients

    1) Brooks Investments

    The only Brooks Investments in the state of North Carolina is Brooks Investments, LLC located in Archdale, NC. However, there is a Brooks Investments of Granville County, LLC, PO Box 1612, Henderson, NC that owns 611 Breckenridge Street (tax value $14,160)and 425 Orange St. (tax value $58,920). Corporate member/organizers were Jason Finch and Charlie Keeter, III.

    2) C&C Investments

    (Listed with the State of NC as C&C Investments, LLC). Corporate organizers are W.A. Currin and Lester A. Currin. Three residential properties are listed in the name of C&C Investments that are located in the City of Henderson. Most of C&C Investments are in Kittrell. Lester A. & Sarah Currin own seven properties within the city limits. W.A. & Irene Currin own one lot in Henderson.

    3) Cameron & Associates

    Cameron & Associates does not exist as a NC corporation. However it owns the land that Power Equipment Plus sits upon and the storage units on the US 158 Highway bypass. It owns a mixture of residential rentals and commercial property.

    4) Chase Investments

    The only similarly named NC LLC to Chase Investments is Chase Investment Properties, LLC that has an office in Oxford and the registered agent is Tonya E. Hester. It owns 25 properties in Henderson and appears to be unrelated to the Chase Development that owns and manages several commercial shopping centers and development projects.

    5) Henry C. Dickerson

    There is no Henry C. Dickerson in the Vance County Tax Record except for a Henry C. Dickerson, Jr. The listed Dickerson owns about twelve properties in Henderson.

    6) DryCreek Enterprises

    DryCreek Enterprises, Inc. is listed with the state of NC with the organizer Diane Walsh. DryCreek owns no land in Henderson. Diane Walsh, Trustee, owns one property in Henderson (1703 Willow Lane). Diane and Timothy L. Walsh own two additional properties in Henderson.

    7) Falkner Company

    There is no company listed in the state of NC other than the Falkner Company, LLC with a Elizabeth B. Falkner of Meadow Lane, Henderson as registered agent. The Falkner Company owns no property in Vance County. Elizabeth Falkner personally owns four properties in Henderson.

    8) Falkner Family Trust

    The Falkner Family Trust is not a listed corporation with State of NC. The Vance County Tax office lists eight addresses as belonging to the trust.

    9) John H. Falkner

    Is this John Henry Falkner III, commonly known as Henry Falkner of The Rogers Group or John H. Falkner of Crestwood Road or John H. Falkner, Trustee? When all are combined, there are approximately 79 Henderson properties in question.

    10) Joseph E. Falkner

    This Falkner owns property in Henderson jointly with Julia B. Falkner. Julia B. Falkner is not listed as a client of Michael Satterwhite.

    11) Christopher Fisher

    Christopher Fisher is the registered agent of the NC corporation Fisher Environmental Products. Christopher Fisher owns all three of his listed rental property with Kirsten Fisher, who is not listed as a client of Michael Satterwhite.

    12) John M. Franklin

    John M. Franklin owns more than 25 rental units in the city of Henderson. He is one of two initial board members with Cliff Rogers for Rogers & Franklin Design Builders, Inc. His is the secretary of Rogers & Franklin Development Company, Inc. which owns under 10 units in Henderson City limit. He is an organizing member of Rogers & Franklin Investments, LLC with Cliff Rogers that owns under 20 rental units in Henderson city limits.

    13) Hartland Land Company

    Charles Bowman is a partner in this privately held company.

    14) Jefferson Green, Inc. doing business as Choice Realty

    The registered agent is Deborah F. Brown and managing members are Deborah F. & Lunsford Brown. It owns four Henderson properties. Deborah Brown is a Vance County Commissioner. Choice Realty is a property management company and it is not known if any or all of its landlords are clients of Satterwhite.

    15) K & R Associates

    K&R Associates owns no property in the city of Henderson. Corporate organizers are Charlie L. Keeter III and “Al” Allison Rivers. Al Rivers was a former candidate for Vance County Commissioner.

    16) MD Ventures, LLC

    The registered agent is Michael Bradford. There are no properties listed under MD Ventures, LLC. Michael Bradford owns 619 Old Epsom Road and one house on Vaughn Street in addition to his primary residence.

    17) John Monahan

    Monahan is the registered agent for The Peanut Roaster, Inc. John S. & Carol Monahan own no residential rental property in the city of Henderson.

    18) Mereb Morgan

    Morgan is not listed as a registered agent of any corporation in NC. Mereb Morgan owns one piece of property jointly with Tina Faulkner at 308 Parham Road.

    19) Pegsong Properties , LLC

    The registered agent is Walter E. Pegram, and members are George Pegram and William E. Hissong. Pegsong owns one duplex on 216 – 218 Crozier Street and one rental unit at 436 N. Chestnut Street. Walter E. Pegram and William E. Hissong are involved in two Internet provider companies with Cliff Rogers.

    20) Prestigious Housing, Inc.

    The registered agent is Kenneth Gregg Stevenson. Prestigious Housing, Inc. owns four residential properties. Stevenson is also registered agent for Elite Housing, LLC with about twelve residential properties and Pristine Housing, LLC with approximately fourteen residential properties in the city. NC Investment Group, LLC has no property listed in Vance County.

    21) Remax/Carriage Realty

    The registered agent is Peggy H. Mason. Does Satterwhite represent all brokers and agents at this firm and/or all property owners using this firm for property management? Are the landlords that have property managed by Remax/Carriage Realty all represented by Satterwhite?

    22) Tegarris Associates Realty, Inc.

    Tegarris Associates Realty, Inc., is not incorporated according to the NC Secretary of State. Tegarris Associates Realty is listed with the NC Real Estate Commission. Tegarris owns no property in Henderson. It is run by Terry E. Garrison as the Broker-in charge who is a Vance County Commissioner. Garrison owns eleven properties in the city. Tegarris is a property management company and it is not known if any or all of its landlords are clients of Satterwhite. Does Satterwhite represent the brokers with Tegarris Associates Realty?

    23) Curtis White

    White is as an individual owns no Henderson properties. He is the real estate broker in charge for North Carolina Real Estate Brokers in Youngsville.

    He is also the registered agent for Beacon Real Estate Associates, LLC formed by John Zollicoffer on Feb 27, 2007. He owns no property in the city.

    He is also the registered agent for the following companies:

  • Four Star Properties, LLC. Does not own property within the city.
  • W. & W. Properties and Rentals, LLC. with Philip White at least 40 residential properties within the city limits
  • For C’s Sons, LLC, with Members Daniel White, Jeff White, Allen White and Curtis White. It owns two commercial properties within the city.
  • 312 Chestnut Properties, LLC with Donna Spain, owns commercial property.
  • Quality Auto Group, Inc. with Philip White, owns no property.
  • Five Star Properties and Rentals, LLC with members Daniel White, Jeff White, Philip White, Allen White and Curtis White. Properties include the former Harriet & Henderson Mills and a variety of over 30 residential properties
  • 27) James L. Williams, Jr.

    Williams is the registered agent for West Lake, LLC, and personally owns four Henderson properties of which one is a primary residence. Other managing members of West Lake LLC are also Hunt Investments, LLC that have as managing members Jack E. Ferguson and Debra Ferguson of Oxford.

    Williams is also the managing member for JL Williams Construction Co., Inc. with Daniel K. Williams., Vice President. Dan & Mary Williams own 5 residential rental properties.

    28) Yellow Brick Road Investments

    The registered agent is Robert L Hubbard, Jr. It has 33 rental properties in Henderson.