City Council urged to support cable access channel

Doc Bailey and the Reverend John Stewart pitched the reintroduction of a Henderson public access channel at Monday evening’s Henderson City Council meeting.

Henderson had a Time-Warner cable access channel at one time, but according to Bailey, it was taken off because it was never used.

Bailey said that the channel would be used to show the “goodness of the community”. He said it would show businesses things that would bring them to the community, and it would be for both adults and children.

According to Bailey, the cable company said that board approval was necessary to begin setting the station up.

“Negativity always come to the forefront,” Bailey said. He suggested that the cable channel would be very important in countering negativity.

Henderson Mayor Clem Seifert said that he remembered that the production of shows was the responsibility of whoever owns [the channel].

Council member Bernard Alston said that the channel could be managed by the city or the city’s designee. He recommended that the process should start with the City’s Public Utilities Committee and a group should be formed from there.

Alston is the chair of that committee.

Seifert said that the council would be willing to revisit the issue.

Council member Lynn Harper said that the Council had not stopped the channel, but rather it had wanted to add a government channel.

“I think the Council is on your side,” Council member Mary Emma Evans said.