Amortization Ordinance amendment passed

Before the beginning of the public hearing on the subject of the ordinance amendments, City Attorney John Zollicoffer explained that under the current ordinance, non-conforming auto repair facilities cannot have a vehicle on their lots for more than 180 days.

According to Zollicoffer, there have been complaints that the 180 day limit should not apply to vehicles kept in fully enclosed buildings.

The City Attorney also noted that the Planning Board had suggested a change in the ordinance where vehicles could be moved out of enclosed buildings during the day to be worked on, as long as they were replaced into the buildings at night.

Vance resident John Bunch, who owns property in the City, spoke to the Council as the operator of the only locally-owned auto parts shop in Henderson.

Bunch said that the ordinance has a negative effect on auto shops.

“Please reconsider this ordinance,” Bunch told the Council.

Gupton told Bunch that if the revisions to the ordinance were not passed, then cars could not be housed in buildings. Gupton argued that the amendment would give “more latitude” in dealing with cars.

Local repair facility owner Linwood Brooks argued that if a car is out of sight, it should not bother anyone. Brooks agreed with Gupton that the proposed revision was better than the original ordinance.

“It’s progress,” Brooks said.

The revisions to the ordinance passed unanimously.