Hero City workers honored at Council meeting

Public Works Heroes
From left to right: Kareem Fitts, Martin Neal, Julius Mitchell, and Public Works Director Linda Leyen

On Friday, August 24, 2007, garbage truck 328 manned by Julius Mitchell, Martin Neal, and Kareem Fitts went to pick up garbage at Lincoln Heights apartments.

Upon going to the rear of one of the apartments to pick up trash, Fitts smelled smoke and heard alarms and realized that the apartment was on fire.

After contacting 911, the city employees entered the apartment to make sure no residents were inside.

“This tells you what kind of employees we have,” Moss said at yesterday evening’s Henderson City Council meeting.

All three employees said they could not live with themselves if children were in the apartment and could not get out.

Mitchell, Neal, and Fitts received a standing ovation from Council members as well as the audience.