County expresses concern over CO

At yesterday’s joint meeting of the City of Henderson’s Finance and Intergovernmental Relations Committee and Vance County’s Intergovernmental Committee, County Manager Jerry Ayscue expressed concern over the City’s proposed Certificate of Occupancy (CO) ordinance.

Ayscue explained that the Vance County Housing Authority, which operates the Lincoln Heights Apartments, is funded through HUD. He explained to City representatives that one of the criteria on which they are evaluated, and upon which funding is determined, is how quickly vacancies are turned oven in the housing complex.

The County Manager stated that he was concerned that the CO would cost federal funding by creating a delay in filling vacancies in the apartments.

FAIR Committee chair Lynn Harper assured Ayscue and County representatives that the way in which the ordinance is currently written that there would be no delay because the CO inspection will occur after the tenants move in.

“That’s encouraging to hear,” Ayscue said.

County Commissioner Terry Garrison stated a need for assurances from the City, saying that “unexpected things do happen”.

Harper said that the City desired to “work around issues”.

“See how easy it is to get something out of us?” City Manager Jerry Moss quipped at the end of the discussion.