Evans expresses concern over water rates

At Monday’s regular meeting of the Henderson City Council, member Mary Emma Evans voiced her concern about [water] bills in the City.

Evans said that she has had complaints from citizens about the water rates.

Stating that she was told that budget items could be revisited, she told members that she wished to look into the matter again.

Evans told the Council that the new rate structure had led to people being without water. She also claimed that the cost of water leads to people stealing water.

The councilwoman also claimed that the situation creates a health hazard.

Evans characterized the rate increase as amounting to $52.

The late fee for Henderson’s water, sewage, and sanitation bill is currently $12. The cut-off fee is currently $40. Under a new billing system recently put into place by the City, if a customer reaches their cut-off date without making a payment, the cut-off fee is charged whether or not service is actually terminated.

Mayor Pro-Tem Ranger Wilkerson asked Henderson City Council member Lynn Harper to take the two committees (Finance and Intergovernmental Relations (FAIR) and Public Utilities) and “thrash it around”.

Harper responded that she would be “glad to do that”. She added that she thought it is an important issue.