Board of Ed. recognizes OCS participants

Board of Ed. awards
Awards being distributed at Monday’s Vance County Board of Education meeting

During the fast paced Vance County Board of Education meeting Monday evening at the Administrative Services Center, Occupational Course of Study presentations were made.

OCS is a program involving both Northern and Southern Vance High Schools that places students in participating local businesses for apprenticeships or in area charitable organizations for volunteer experience.

Carnetta Blakely, the Transition Coordinator for OCS, presented business and non-profit participants with certificates of appreciation. Fifteen Northern Vance High School and sixteen Southern Vance High School sponsors received framed certificates.

Plaques were given for the Northern Vance Business of the year to Robert Horton of Horton’s Warehouse. The Service Award went to Newman Dalton of the Skateeum.

Southern Vance High School sponsors Nancy Smith of Marketplace Cinema received the Business of the Year Award. Sharon Williams of Burger King received the Service Award. All four recipients were said to have gone “above and beyond” to give the high school students a good experience and in some cases, a job.

Northern Vance appreciation recipients were Molly Scerbo, George Venable, Sam Franklin, Gene King, Alan Gill, Gary Freeman, Michael Dixon, Freida Hawkins, Jeff House, Donald Hoyle, Tammie Pearce, Charles Crudup, and Ninian Beal.

Board of Ed. awards
Melvin Green with Appreciation Award from Southern Vance High School

Michael Rainey, Jean Parker, Mary Anderson, Dawn Parrish, Eva Terry, Dalton and Benton, Tammy Ross Adcox, Melvin Green, Junius and Harry Meadows, Hattie Cook, George Thomas, and Penney Howard were the Southern Vance appreciation recipients.