City Council passes drought ordinance

The Henderson City Council unanimously passed the Water Shortage Response Ordinance at Monday’s regular meeting.

According to City Manager Jerry Moss, Kerr Lake is projected to be at a level of 292 feet by the end of November if current conditions prevail.

At last report, the lake was at 294 feet. Mandatory water restrictions are set to begin when the lake reaches a level of 290 feet.

When asked about which water intake was being used, Chief Water Plant Operator Christie Newcomb said that the old intakes were currently in use. She said that the plant would not switch over to the new intakes until the lake reached a level of about 287 feet.

Installed about two years ago, the new water intakes allow the water treatment plant to draw from greater depths.

Council member Ranger Wilkerson expressed that it was fortunate that the installation of the new water intakes had taken place.