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If you’ve found us from our ad in today’s Daily Dispatch, then you’re probably interested in articles pertaining to this year’s election. Please find links to the most relevant articles below arranged from earliest to most recent. When you’re done reading each article, you can return to this guide by clicking the Back button on your browser.

Election signs blooming in H-town

“Candidates for a New Direction” rally Sept. 8

“Candidates for a New Direction” hold kickoff event

To the editor: response to Mike Inscoe

HiH Video: Henderson Candidate’s Forum
** Due to problems with the sound system, this is the only recording in town!

Political email to Chamber list generates controversy

Political mailing by former Henderson mayor

Henderson Municipal Black Caucus Candidates Guide

(Some) candidates answer HiH reader questions

Reprint: Auditor answers Yount’s questions

To the citizens of Ward 2

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