To the editor: Trash along Vance roads

I recently returned to Henderson and Vance County for a ceremony.

As I rode out in the county I was very much dismayed to see trash along our roadsides, especially on Warrenton Road where I use to reside.

Upon returning to San Antonio and driving the 90 miles to my home in Utopia, I saw two empty bags that once contained grain for cattle. Apparently the rancher had put the empty bags in the back of his pickup and the wind probably blew them out. This was on the back roads not the main thoroughfares.

I have written articles in the past on this lack of respect for property and roadways. It appears that persons that do this TRASHING has not learned to use proper receptacles or JUST DON’T CARE. There is a lot of talk about trying to get some industry back into Henderson and Vance county, but until you have a cleaner city and county, you will be like US#1 bypass, going some other place faster.

Julian Oliver
Utopia, Texas