Henderson soliciting committee appointments

The City of Henderson is currently soliciting applications for persons interested in serving on:

Community Development Advisory Committee (1 appointment) – This Commission is composed of 9 members, all City appointed, and meets as needed (called meetings). The purpose of this Committee is to facilitate two-way communication between the citizens of the community (especially those who are affected by local, state or federal neighborhood revitalization efforts or housing efforts) and the Mayor, City Council, and Staff of the City. It acts as an informative body channeling pertinent citizen input into City Government and City policy and plans into the community. (3 yr. terms)

Redevelopment Commission
(6 appointments) – This Commission is composed of 7 members and is charged with acquiring, re-planning, clearing, rehabilitating and redeveloping property for the purpose of removing blighted areas in the City. (staggered terms)

Interested applicants should contact the office of City Clerk for an application for Boards/Commissions/Committees:

Dianne E. White, City Clerk
City of Henderson
180 S. Beckford Drive
P. O. Box 1434 (for mailing)
Henderson, NC 27536
phone: 252/430-5705
fax: 252/492-4322
email: dwhite@ci.henderson.nc.us

or obtain an application from the City’s website.

Completed applications must be received by 5:00 PM on Wednesday, March 5th.

Applicants must be a resident of the City of Henderson.