Shahita White charged with DUI

WRAL is reporting this afternoon that Shahita White, daughter of Vance County Sheriff Peter White, was charged with driving under the influence in connection with a traffic stop that occurred this year during the Easter holiday weekend.

Shahita White was stopped by Vance County deputies after reports that she was driving north in the southbound lanes of US 1, who subsequently charged her with reckless driving.

The charge was made by the State Bureau of Investigation who looked into the case after a request by District Attorney Sam Currin.

Currin called for the outside agency to investigate after the release of documents from the Henderson Police Department revealed two eyewitness accounts of two city police officers that tended to indicate that Shahita White was intoxicated at the time of the stop.

Although Peter White was contacted by Vance County Emergency 911 at the time of his daughter’s traffic stop, there is no evidence to indicate that the sheriff’s conduct in the matter was in any way improper.