Rainey chastises absentee board appointees

During the city clerk’s report of the Henderson City Council on Monday evening, Council member Mike Rainey criticized some who serve on Henderson’s appointed committees.

Rainey opined that those who depend on committees like the Zoning Board of Adjustment for permits find at hearings that there is no quorum to vote on anything have a “kink” put in their time frame.

Rainey characterized these unspecified victims as people who are “trying to get something going”.

The council member said that the council needs to “instill in these people the importance of their positions”. Rainey also suggested that there need to be alternates who can be called.

City Attorney John Zollicoffer noted to the council that the Zoning Board Adjustment is supposed to have five members and two alternates. He said that two members have resigned and that he recommends replacing them until their terms expire on July 1 [of 2009]. He confirmed that the board cannot function without five members.

The recently re-installed city attorney also noted that if a zoning hearing is continued for any reason, at least four of the same members (80%) that were present for the first part of the hearing must also be present for the continuation.

City Manager Ray Griffin told the council that City Clerk Pamela Glover has advertised for those positions. He agreed with Rainey’s stance that appointees have “to show up”. He said he would research the rules on attendance requirements.

Zollicoffer said that Vance County needs to be encouraged to fill its vacancies [on joint boards] as well.