City demure about underwear ordinance

City Attorney John Zollicoffer began the discussion about an ordinance against the exposure of underwear with the opinion that the city would have trouble legislating the clothes that people wear.

The discussion was held on Monday evening at the instigation of Henderson City Council member Mary Emma Evans. Evans was not present at the meeting due to ill health.

Zollicoffer informed the council that the state already has laws on indecent exposure that he does not believe that the city can “embellish”.

Member Lonnie Davis said that he believes that there have been cases in court where similar laws have been declared unconstitutional.

Local business owner Bobby Scott was allowed by Henderson Mayor Pete O’Geary to address the council on the issue. Scott said that “slacking” (e.g. the practice of wearing one’s pants so low on the buttocks as to expose undergarments) creates “negative stereotypical feedback” and has the appearance of disrespect.

Scott told the council that it should “set civilized standards”.

Member Mike Rainey categorized the slacking issue with the adult bookstore issue. He said that the council should go on record and say that it is offensive. Davis agreed with Rainey, noting that the council can issue “some kind of statement of disapproval”.

Zollicoffer noted that schools can enforce dress codes whereas municipalities cannot.

Evans is not the first person holding an elected office in the area to object to slacking in her official capacity. Judge Quon Bridges was noted earlier this year for forbidding the clothing fashion in his courtroom.