ABC results scheduled for Nov. 6 release

The State Board of Education is expected to approve the results of the 2007-2008 ABCs/AYP on Thursday, November 6, 2008.

Elementary and middle schools’ reading results will reflect higher proficiency standards for the state’s new end-of-grade reading assessments that were approved by State Board members in October. As a
result of the new proficiency standards, the state’s standards more closely align with proficiency standards of the National Assessment of Educational Progress and are more challenging in preparing students for the 21st century.

The ABCs of Public Education is North Carolina’s primary school improvement program. Its goals are to provide strong local school accountability, an emphasis on mastery of basic subjects and as much
local decision making as possible.

The ABCs report will be available online November 6, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. at

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