Henderson city council meets at 6:00 p.m. tonight

In a break from tradition, the Henderson City Council will hold the business portion of its meeting tonight at 6:00 p.m. instead of the usual 7:00 p.m.

The major feature of tonight’s meeting will be a public hearing on the application to amend the David Street Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to include the Embassy Block project’s proposed performing arts center.

Here is the agenda for the meeting with links to relevant documents:

The Chair inquires as to whether any member knows of any conflict of interest or appearance of conflict with respect to matters before the Council. If any member knows of a conflict of interest or appearance of conflict please so state at this time. The City Council’s objective is to address public concern for good and open government.



III. Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance

IV. Opening Remarks

V. Adjustments to and/or Approval of the NOvember 24th, 2008 Meeting Agenda

VI. Approval of Minutes (See Attached)

11/10/08 Regular Meeting


a. Mr. Jeff Arthurs Drafting, Engineering, and Architecture Instructor for Northern Vance High School — Presentation of architectural designs by the drafting class for the Downtown Revitalization of the ”Interiors Building”.


Hearing Advertised for 6:00 p.m.

a. Consideration of a Resolution Authorizing the Reopening of the David Street Neighborhood Project and Consideration of a Resolution Authorizing an Application Amending the David Street Neighborhood Project to Create a Sub-Area for a Neighborhood Facility/Performing Arts Facility (CAF: 08-40)

Hearings Advertised for 7:00 p.m.

b. Consideration of holding a Public Hearing for the purpose of receiving initial citizen comments relative to proposed CDBG Infrastructure Hook-Up Grant application. (CAF: 08-38)

c. Consideration of Rezoning of the Marietta S. Nole property located at 403 Dabney Drive, 0.3 +/- acres from B2A to B4 (Vance County Tax Map 0015, Block 03, Lot 010) CITY (CAF: 08-32)

d. Consideration of the Rezoning of the Phillip C. Burnette property located at 413 Dabney Drive, 0.344 +/- acres from B2A to B4 (Vance County Tax Map 0015, Block 03, Lot 011) CITY (CAF: 08-33)

e.Consideration of the Rezoning of the David Parham to rezone property located on South Beckford Drive, 4.130 +/- acres from I2 to B4 (Vance County Tax Map 0012, Block 01, Lot 001A) CITY (CAF: 08-34)

IX. Old Business

a. Consideration of Approval of Documents Regarding the Zene Street (REEF) Project: Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to sign a Grant Agreement between the City of Henderson and the NC Rural Economic Development Center, An Ordinance Amending the FY09 Budget via Amendment #10, and A Resolution authorizing the Major to sign an Amended Memorandum of Understanding with the NC community Development Initiative, Inc. (CAF: 08-A-23)

X. New Business

a. Consideration of Appointment to the Following Boards and Commissions: (See CAF: 08-42)

Henderson Community Appearance Commission — 2 vacant un-expired terms: 2009 and 2010 — One (1) applicant

Henderson Vance County Recreation & Parks Commission — 1 vacant un-expired term: 2009 — One (1) applicant


All matters listed under the Consent Agenda are considered in the ordinary course of business by the City Council and will be enacted on by one motion and a roll call vote in the form listed. If discussion is desired by either the Council or the audience, the item in question will be removed from the Consent Agenda and considered separately.

a. Consideration of Tax Refunds & Release. (See CAF: 08-36)

Xll. Reports

a. Mayor/Mayor Pro-tem
b. City Manager’s Report
c. City Attorney’s Report
d. City Clerk’s Report
e. Calendar Notes and Schedule Update (See Attached)

XIll. Adjournment