Etheridge’s New Year’s resolutions

This year begins with challenges of the sort we haven’t seen in a generation, and I have taken the time to commit myself to some goals, personal and professional, for 2009 that I would like to share with you.

· Work with my colleagues in Congress and with our new President to pass a jobs and economic recovery package to put North Carolinians back to work and to get our economy moving.

· Use my new seat on the Ways and Means Committee to pass legislation to help build schools in North Carolina. Building schools will not only help to provide safe learning environments for our children, but it will quickly create high quality jobs in our state.

· Visit with my five grandchildren more and welcome my sixth grandchild into the world.

· Pray for the safe return of our North Carolina troops who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, and for their families who are also sacrificing.

· Work to provide access to affordable health care for the one in five North Carolinians who are uninsured.

· Invest in education to ensure that the next generation is prepared to enter the 21st-century global economy and to take part in an economic recovery.

· Cheer on the new Campbell Camels football team.

· Work to ensure that North Carolina’s emerging alternative energy industry is a beneficiary of President-elect Obama’s plan to create green jobs.