Butterfield statement on econ. stim. package

Congressman G. K. Butterfield made the following statement after the House today voted 244 to 188 to approve the economic stimulus package:

“Five of the counties I represent are suffering from double digit unemployment. People are hurting and this package provides a strong and rapid response. This package will create and save up to four million jobs, provide a tax cut for 95 percent of working Americans and invest in our county’s infrastructure. In the face of the highest unemployment rate in 26 years and a deep state budget shortfall, North Carolina will benefit with billions of sorely needed dollars.”

Among the share of benefits specifically for North Carolina, Butterfield listed:

· $2.26 billion for addition Medicaid funding

· $1.87 billion for “state fiscal stabilization funding” to help state and local governments fund education and other key services

· $1.26 billion for education funding, including $361 million for school improvements

· $626 million for additional Food Stamp Funding

· $117 million for additional funding for Supplemental Social Income (SSI)

· $67.4 million for job training and employment services for dislocated workers, youth, and adults.

· $29 million for Emergency Shelter Grants


· More than 3.1 million North Carolina residents will benefit from the Making Work Pay Tax Credit.

· An expansion of the Child Tax Credit will cover an additional 439,000 children in North Carolina.

· And, an estimated 603,586 North Carolina workers would benefit from the $25 per week unemployment increase, and an estimated 127,814 workers would benefit from the extension of benefits.