To the editor: Stimulus package passed unread

Dear Jason,

I read that the economic package was passed, barely, and NO ONE had read it!

How can that be? Talk about a terrible example to the people who will be paying for it the next hundred years! I try not to be political in the modern sense. I am able to see the many sides of issues. However, I know there is a right side to things and voting on an unread document, as in signing an unread contract, is totally irresponsible. What a cop out to be used in the future…”I didn’t have time to read it and the President forced our hand..”

How can we trust anyone to take care of our business if we aren’t willing to stand up and take care of it ourselves? How many times can the buck get passed before it stops? If we are not demanding our representatives to do their homework, we deserve to be unpleasantly surprised. Politics is supposed to be the art/science of governance, not a vying for everything but the best for the people. From the President on down, all elected officials SERVE US, not the other way around. At least, that’s what I believe the Founding Fathers meant and I deeply believe Abraham Lincoln also meant it.

Not much gets my anger up anymore but this lack of informed leadership is making me want to get on a new soap box and do my Celtic woman fire dance on ignorance. Blind partisanship will be our undoing. Thinking, speaking out and taking action will save us.

Copper Rain