Henderson will get new Xmas lights

During the Henderson City Council meeting of March 9, 2009, the council agreed to table a vote on purchasing new Christmas lights for the downtown area until Downtown Development Commission Director Phil LaKernick spoke to members on the issue.

At Monday’s regular short session meeting of the council, LaKernick appeared to answer questions about the new decorations.

According to LaKernick, the present decorations are 20 years old and are worn out.

“And [they] look it, too,” the director said.

He said there were a lot of problems keeping them lit during the last holiday season.

LaKernick also noted that 21 poles will have to be rewired.

The director said that the amount of Christmas lighting will be extended to include Garnett Street between Rose Avenue and the post office. He said the decorations would also include Rose Avenue and Breckenridge Street.

LaKernick said that the DDC would try to “cannibalize” existing lights and use them on Williams Street.

He said that the DDC has reserve funds to cover the installation should donations to the effort fall short.

Member Garry Daeke asked LaKernick how much funding the DDC receives from the county.

“Ten percent of what the city gives us,” LaKernick said. “I think that’s wrong.”

The ordinance to purchase the lights passed unopposed, with Mike Rainey absent and Mary Emma Evans arriving just as the voting began.