Council won’t consider employee COLA’s until April

During remarks made at the Henderson City Council’s workshop session on March 23, 2009, council member Mary Emma Evans asked where the council stands on cost of living increases for city employees.

Evans said that the cost of living raise is “very important to and for our employees” and that they should know whether or not [the city] is going to give them a raise.

Henderson City Manager Ray Griffin reminded members that the council had requested additional information in January. He also recalled for members that Henderson Police Chief Keith Sidwell had recently asked the council for 15% pay increase for sworn officers.

Griffin also noted that the city is concluding that there is a problem with its pay scale, even with smaller cities in the region.

The city manager boiled down the council’s options to three possibilities: approve a 2.5% pay raise retroactive to January 1, 2009; approve a 1.25% pay raise retroactive to January 1, 2009; or delay consideration of the matter until some date in the future.

Griffin opined that it would be appropriate to discuss the issue in April after the council has had time to review the information.

Member Garry Daeke stated that members “will get a better picture of our revenue in April”.

In the end, the council agreed with Griffin and no action was taken.