HPD creates Police-Court Liaison position

Henderson Police Chief Keith L. Sidwell has announced the creation of a new sworn officer position within the department’s operational structure.

The new position of Police-Court Liaison was instituted to coordinate day-to-day operations between the Henderson Police Department, the 9th Judicial District Attorney’s Office, the Office of Vance County Clerk of Superior Court, and other judicial officials.

The full-time, sworn police officer position will coordinate the service of subpoenas for police officer’s appearances in court and will be present in during sessions of Criminal District and Superior Court. The Court Liaison Officer will be responsible for maintaining court schedules and providing the court with infornation as to the availability of officers subject to court appearances. The Liaison Officer will also monitor continuances and case dispositions for cases involving Henderson Police Department officers and will also oversee the department’s cooperation and responsibilities to victims and witnesses involved in crimes.

Chief Sidwell has appointed Officer J.M. Hammond to the position of Court Liaison following the implementation of this position. Hammond has been with the Henderson Police Department since May of 2008 and has prior law enforcement experience, including working with the court system. The Court Liaison position is assigned to the Henderson Police Department’s Special Operations Division under the command of Lieutenant Charles O. Pulley.