To the editor: Wake up America

There has been a lot of attention this past week from the printed and TV media on the demise of two celebrities, Farah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson’s lifestyle of self-destruction was certainly a major cause for his death.

Not much was mentioned in the media about how President Obama has bankrupted America. Where has all the money gone for the STIMULUS Package, trillions of dollars printed that my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have to bear in their lifetime.

Once again, the House of Representatives narrowly passed a Cap & Trade legislation that will increase everyone’s energy bill as well as shift jobs overseas. Our only hope for its failure is for the Senate to reject this legislation when they return from the July 4th break.

The Democrats that voted against this legislation will be chastised and ostracized by Nancy Pelosi and removed from any committees on which they now serve. I suggest to these “Blue Dog Democrats” switch party affiliation. The eight Republicans that voted for this legislation, I only hope that their home districts will vote them out and select more conservative representatives.

Stand up conservatives and let your voices be heard.


Julian Oliver
D’Hanis, Texas