Council approves revised Weed & Seed budget

Weed & Seed Director Hattie Alexander presented a revised Weed & Seed budget to the Henderson City Council during their regular short session meeting on June 22, 2009.

According to Alexander, the Weed & Seed application was a problem because it “went in” with in-kind matches with no commitments. She said that it had to be resubmitted with new in-kind matches that have commitments attached to them.

When asked by member Garry Daeke what the items in the budget highlighted in red mean, Alexander explained that the items in red were corrected by a grant manager from the US Department of Justice.

City Manager Ray Griffin went on to explain that some changes were made to the Weed & Seed budget mid-year without prior approval. He said that the city is now trying to anticipate those changes. Griffin went on to say that City Attorney John Zollicoffer had drafted a memo of understanding so that expectations are now clear.

The revised budget was approved the council unanimously.