Citizen Schools begins second year in Henderson

Submitted by Cassie McIntyre, Special Assistant
Citizen Schools North Carolina

Henderson Middle School Citizens School Staff for 2009-2010
Henderson Middle School Citizens School Staff for 2009-2010

Citizen Schools is a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing students with access to educational and economic opportunity.

We are partnering with Henderson Middle School to expand the learning day and fill it with academic support, leadership development, and hands-on projects that improve achievement and make learning fun. We aim to provide students with more time for learning, more relevance, and more adult role models.

Citizen Schools North Carolina is proud to announce the second year of its two newest campuses in Durham and Henderson. These new additions joined our two Charlotte programs in 2008 as they introduced the Citizen Schools’ hands-on learning program.

Weekly Campus Schedule at Henderson Middle School

HMS Citizens School Schedule 2009

At Citizen Schools, volunteers from throughout the community share what they know and love with kids in real-world projects. North Carolina’s students have the opportunity to learn about marketing, NASCAR careers, and law and government with Kids Voting.

Residents, school district leaders, and school officials are united in their enthusiasm for a deep partnership with Citizen Schools in a movement to take advantage of after-school time and improve the life trajectories of our young people.

Editor’s Note: I had a chance to observe the Citizen Schools program at Henderson Middle School during the last school year, as Mrs. Editor taught an apprenticeship during both the fall and spring programs. I know from personal experience that it can be very challenging to engage middle school students, but this program not only held their interest, but the design and implementation of it was clearly structured to foster both knowledge and social skills, the latter of which seems to be in shorter and shorter supply as the years go on.