8th Annual Corbitt Truck Show begins tomorrow

In remarks to the Henderson City Council on Monday evening, Corbitt Preservation Society President Charles E. Powell urged members to attend tomorrow’s event, which runs simultaneously with the internationally recognized Show, Shine, Shag, & Dine event held in downtown Henderson each year.

“Let us know we have support of leadership in Henderson and Vance County,” Powell told the council.

Powell also told members to look forward to an anniversary event on May 1, 2010 commemorating the first Corbitt truck build in 1910. That event will be held on Breckenridge Street, and at least 50 Corbitt vehicles are expected from all over the country.

Henderson Mayor Pete O’Geary told Powell that the city would support the association’s bid for state and federal recognition.

The Corbitt Preservation Association is an organization dedicated to preserving the history of the Corbitt Company. The Corbitt Company manufactured buggies, automobiles, trucks, and buses, among other items, and was particularly active in truck manufacturing during World War II. The association has 85 members who meet quarterly.

Those interested in membership may contact Powell by mail at P.O. Box 74, Henderson, North Carolina 27536 or by telephone at 252.767.2247.