NCDOT axes Chavasse Ave. widening project

In a special verbal report requested by Henderson City Council member Mike Inscoe at the beginning of yesterday’s short regular session, Assistant City Manager Frank Frazier informed the council that the North Carolina Department of Transportation has terminated a project intended to widen Chavasse Avenue and add sidewalks to the street.

The project had been in the works since 2005 and has faced delays since its inception.

The moving of utility poles and the obtaining of rights-of-way have already been done in preparation for the project that will apparently never happen.

Frazier told members that the project has been discontinued because of a planned closing of the railroad crossing at Chavasse Avenue due to high-speed rail.

Member Garry Daeke commented that residents will still need a sidewalk and a place to walk safely.

City Attorney asked Frazier if there is “any grass roots movement” to preserve the railroad crossing. Frazier said that the city could find out.