Vance gets planning grant for proposed Kittrell sewer

County Manager Jerry Ayscue reported at Monday’s meeting of the Vance County Board of Commissioners that Vance has obtained a $40,000 planning grant to study the feasibility of running a sewer line from Kittrell to Henderson along US 1 South.

The concept was first broached to the commissioners on April 6, 2009 by Economic Development Commission Chair Sam Watkins as a solution to sewage treatment problems that existed at the Kittrell Job Corps. The Job Corps has since renovated their treatment facility.

The grant requires a 10% local funding match, bringing the total amount of funding to $44,000.

When the board approved exploration of the proposal in May of 2009, then Chair Dan Brummitt stated explicitly that local funds would not be sought, but rather state and federal funds would be pursued for the project.

According to Ayscue, the study will determine if the project is feasible, the route the sewer line should take, and the maximum number it will serve. Ayscue emphasized that there has been strong interest from the Bearpond area, and that the project is a great opportunity for the county and the city to plan for growth in the county.

Board Chair Danny Wright commented that the study will have the blessings of the city of Henderson. Commissioner Dan Brummitt said that the proposal “is not the same project we looked at a few months ago”.

Board member Scott Hughes stated that the proposed sewer line needs to serve everyone on the route.

Earlier in the meeting, local government watchdog and former Henderson City Council candidate Lewis Edwards read a statement into the record of the meeting in opposition to the proposed sewer line. He said that he was opposed to the project because Vance County does not have, nor does it control a waste water treatment facility.

Edwards told members that pumping waste from one basin to another may be in violation of federal statutes as well.

Vance County straddles the Chowan and Roanoke drainage basins in the northern part of the county and the Tar and Pamlico basins in the southern end.

The former council candidate told Vance board members that [as a city resident] he was not interested in subsidizing the treatment of waste from Kittrell, and he submitted that his opinion is shared by “many other customers”

Edwards said that he does not believe the need for the project has been established, and that the proposal is a symptom of “build it and they will come syndrome”.