Hester files intent to sue 20 HiH bloggers for libel

HiH files motion to quash subpoena of Feingold

Former Vance County Commission member and current Republican commission candidate Thomas (Tommy) Hester has filed with the Superior Court of Vance County his intention to file libel suits against 20 individuals who have posted comments on Home in Henderson (Case Number 10 CVS 361).

Hester served a subpoena on HiH editor Jason Feingold demanding that he testify at a deposition and provide information revealing the identity of those who have posted comments using pseudonyms, including Beautiful Dreamer, Confused, Fatboy, Heelshouse, InTheKnow, Interesting, Cathy Lee McIver, MJ, northstar, not my fault, Pearl, Point Keeper, Rachel, Sparky, THE REAL DEAL, Underworld, Who’s winning, A Tax Payer, Self Serving Sam and Ziggy.

Attorneys for Home in Henderson with the firm of Everett, Gaskins, Hancock, & Stevens are filing a motion to quash the subpoena and have requested to have that motion heard on Monday, April 19, 2010.

If you have posted comments using one of the names identified and you wish to maintain your anonymity, Home in Henderson encourages you to engage counsel to argue against the compelled disclosure of your identity.

Click here to see the documents filed and served by Thomas Hester. Click here to see the motion to quash filed by Home in Henderson and Feingold.