Wednesday’s open line

** Updated **

To those who have not yet contributed to the defense of Home in Henderson, let us be blunt: without substantial support from readers, Home in Henderson will not be able to continue operation.

We don’t want a hand-out. We’re asking you to recognize the quality that HiH provides by returning a little of it in the form of greenbacks.

The money would be used for the legal defense of HiH. This includes past, present, and/or future costs.

Why should you care? Because the end of HiH means no more free advertising support to worthy church groups, causes, and charities; no more video of city council, county commission meetings, and other events; no more direct access to important public documents; and a loss of less tangible assets like the free flow of information and ideas. It also means no more journalism from the most experienced (and least humble) reporter of Henderson politics left on the beat.

We have done as much of the heavy lifting as we can. Now its your turn. We know that times are tough, and that every dollar counts. However, $20 from each reader could change everything.

Please consider donating today by using the PayPal link in the right margin of the page.