Changes to HiH user data handling

Editor’s Note: To ensure that these changes go into effect, make sure that you delete the cookies from your browser.

We’re making some important changes in how we protect your privacy here at Home in Henderson.

For starters, HiH will no longer require a name (real or fictitious) or an email address in order to post comments. Should you choose not to use a name, real or imaginary, your comment will simply be labeled by default as coming from “Anonymous”. We recommend, however, that for the sake of clarity and ease of conversation that you at least use a nom de plume whenever possible.

Furthermore, HiH will no longer log, store, record, or acknowledge IP addresses from comment posters. This does not mean that your comments can no longer be traced back to you. Anyone with sufficient time, expertise, lawyers, and a truckload of money could eventually uncover you. What it does mean is that the information won’t be coming directly from us. We can’t reveal what we don’t know, no matter how many times we’re subpoenaed in the future.

It’s not a friendly thing for us to say, and we hate that it’s come to this, but we don’t want to know who you are. Please, please don’t tell us what moniker you’re using unless you’re prepared for the possibility that a judge’s order could force us to share that information with others. In this case, ignorance is not only bliss, but it is a shield that will protect us all from future attacks.

Just because we are taking steps to further protect your anonymity does not mean that HiH is going to become a free-for-all. Although we are under no legal obligation to do so, we will continue as a courtesy to our readers to delete any comments which come to our attention that violate the Terms of Use and any other comments we note that fall within our definition of what is not acceptable. Please remember that because of the volume of comments we are not aware of every comment on the site at any particular time.

Naturally, this is going to entail some changes in how we moderate comment posts. Since we won’t have any way to contact the authors of comment posts, problematic posts will simply be deleted without warning. As we have in the past, we will continue to respond to complaints about individual comment posts brought to our attention, and readers should continue to feel free to contact us should they have any concerns.

As always, we thank you your interest in Home in Henderson.