100 rolling garbage cans stolen

Public Works Director Linda Leyen reported to the Henderson City Council on Monday evening that 100 of the new rolling garbage cans have been stolen since privatization of solid waste removal was enacted this past summer.

She said that people are moving away and taking the cans with them and that they are being stolen off of the curb.

Leyen said that an attempt is being made to recover the cans when customers have their water turned off when they move.

When council member Garry Daeke asked if there is a market for the stolen containers, Leyen replied that some have been found in the county.

Henderson Mayor Pete O’Geary asked if those found in possession of a stolen container are being charged, Leyen responded that she does not know. She did say that Waste Industries is picking up missing carts as it encounters them.

She said that under the ordinance $75 can be charged for the container on the final water bill.

When member Sara Coffey asked if there was no way to charge a deposit on the containers, Assistant City Manager Frank Frazier said that staff is working on requiring a security deposit.

On the lighter side, city staff told council members that flyers were being distributed to sanitation customers who have gotten waivers for curbside service regarding smaller garbage cans. It is hoped that those who cannot wheel the 96-gallon container to the curb might have more success with a smaller cart.