Purdue wants to set gov’t straight

North Carolina Gov. Bev Perdue wants to cut through barriers to progress in North Carolina, and she needs your help.

This week, Perdue outlined a plan to review state government rules and regulations with an eye on eliminating the ones that just don’t make any sense.

“What has prevented you as a business person from creating a job? What has prevented you as an entrepreneur from developing something innovative?” Perdue said. “I’m calling on all the people of North Carolina to really step up and tell me what rules aren’t working.”

Gov. Perdue’s plan is part of her commitment to setting government straight. She announced the rule review at a playground at Perry Harrison Elementary School in Pittsboro.

Because of a regulation that governed childcare facility playgrounds but did not apply to public schools, children enrolled in after school programs that operate in a school were not allowed to play on the school’s playground.

“Because of a silly rule, when the bell rang, the same playground these kids were on all day long suddenly wasn’t good enough,” Perdue said. “That just simply doesn’t make sense.”

Other rules prevent the building of offshore wind turbines or slow general contractors from taking on new projects or hiring more people.

Perdue announced a new website, setgovernmentstraight.nc.gov where state residents can learn more and leave suggestions of rules that should be eliminated or changed. Every suggestion will be reviewed, and ideas can be submitted anonymously.

Perdue said she will make whatever changes she can as governor. Other rules must be changed in the legislature and Perdue promised to work with lawmakers to the reforms a reality.

“This is a chance to help bring some North Carolina common sense to government,” she said.